Gold, Lasers, and Good Ole’ Southern Music

An evening with Family Force 5, that was a huge understatement for the night. The air was brisk as concert goers lined up at the Bluebird Theatre. The It’s All Gold tour, Family Force 5’s tour supporting their latest album, III.

With whispers of who the opening band for the night would be, the crowd was shocked and pleased to see FF5 dressed up in ridiculous costumes as the “opening” band.

Including their fans in the concert experience even more, FF5 put on a crowd decided karaoke contest. The winner would sing with the band on the last song of the night. Truly, one of the most fan oriented bands I have ever seen. 4 contestants were chosen to compete for the prize. Singing with the band, contestants did their best to impress the crowd. A teenage boy was the crowd favorite, and given the opportunity to sing with the band.

After a short outfit, FF5, were back on stage, accompanied with gold painted tricycles, lasers, fog machines, and strobes. Adorn in gold sneakers, the crowd instantly connected with the band. No other word but brilliant could describe the presence of the band. Energy infecting, multiple genre crossing music made this show even more unique than it already was.

After, a slew of crowd scream inducing songs, FF5, slowed everything down with a short acoustic set. Mood in the theatre changed from excitement to calm almost instantly. Welcomed with smiling faces, a very singer/songwriter feel came across the room. Slow melodic songs filled everyone’s ears, a relaxing feeling that is uncommon among newer bands.

Family Force 5 made every cent spent to see them worth it. Fan involvement, contests, costumes, and great music. They’re a unique group of guys from Georgia, that have earned every bit of success they have received.

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